Your Questions: Should I Stand Still or Move Around?

Q. How do you feel about walking around?  The space I present in is rather large and to connect with my audience I feel like I should walk around.

A. I am a big stickler on NOT wandering around aimlessly. That said, in a large space it is important to move so that you can connect with everyone in the room. Here is what I suggest: stand still and centered in the room for your opening/introductions. The center is your power position. Then, move to the right, stop, and talk from that position for a few minutes, or for a slide or two. Then move to the center, or to the left, and speak for another few minutes. Make sure your audience in all parts of the room can see you whether you are left, right or center. At the end of your presentation, stop and stand in the center position. This way you are moving with purpose, not just wandering or pacing.