Individual Presentation Coaching

With better speaking skills you get better results: close the deal, impress the client, inspire your people.

Individual presentation coaching is an intense, intimate learning experience that focuses exclusively on those aspects of your communication that need attention.

  • Helps leaders build critical skills for greater success in presentations and everyday communication
  • Provides practice, feedback and reinforcement in a positive, private environment
  • Uses video feedback to clarify strengths and weaknesses, and to focus concerns and goals
  • Condenses the learning process for leaders who have specific concerns and limited time

Learning Objectives May Include:

  • Refining delivery skills to capitalize on your unique style
  • Communicating a clear and compelling message
  • Identifying communication roadblocks and correcting them
  • Improving the quality of virtual presentations and meetings
  • Projecting greater ease and confidence
  •  Speaking with more authority
  •  Speaking with warmth and approachability
  • Using storytelling, humor and other engagement options
  • Listening and responding to listener concerns and questions
  • Winning over a hostile audience
  • Speaking effectively using a script, slides or other visuals
  • Rehearsing a key presentation

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"A quick note to let you know the presentation was a success and I am in your debt for helping me. I received very positive comments from three of my colleagues. All the areas we focused on went well. Thank you - I look forward to working with you again."
– Corporate Audit

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