Effective Presentations Workshops

It's what you say — AND how you say it. Make your presentations both meaningful and masterful.

Effective presentations rely on excellence both in content and delivery skills. Our workshops provide guidance and feedback on both content and delivery and use video feedback so participants can “see” the results.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Select individual strategies to manage nervousness and build confidence
  • Capitalize on their unique delivery strengths while building effective new skills and habits
  • Analyze the audience and assess the presentation situation
  • Construct a clear, focused presentation with a Targeted Message™
  • Make complex/technical information more clear and concise
  • Create effective openings using the Power of Three™
  • Create and deliver a masterful closing
  • Handle questions, interruptions and challenges
  • Consider creative ways to make presentations more interactive and more memorable

Program Options:

    Half day, one-day or two-day workshops
    Workshop plus individual coaching sessions
    Half day sessions, series

“I essentially wrote my presentation in class and can take it back and refine it! A real working day.”
– Housing Specialist


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